Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Il Rumore Bianco

Buona Sera fellow progheads!  Brushing up a bit on my Italian as I undertake a trip yet again across the Atlantic in my quest for all things prog.  A chance encounter with an old friend and prog music aficionado led me to a band that has an exceptional and extremely energetic sound.  Although I must confess my
"Eye-talian" language skills are a bit weak--heck, my English has never been exactly "Rhodes Scholar" worthy--I ventured deep once again into the recesses of the concert closet until I reached the "City of Love" where Romeo and Juliet met their demise; Verona.  Please to enjoy the sounds of Il Rumore Bianco...The White Noise.

Il Rumore Bianco is a progressive rock band based in Verona, Italy.  That was all the information I had at the beginning of the week when I cashed in a few frequent flyer miles and took the concert closet on the road.  Digging below the surface I discovered the members of Il Rumore Bianco were schooled in the classic prog of the 1970's and built on that knowledge and appreciation.  Folding jazz, electronic, ambient, and experimental music into the formula has given Il Rumore Bianco an individual sound a bit challenging to pin down.  I do pick up hints of King Crimson, Uriah Heep, Spock's Beard, Brian Eno, and even a touch of Herbie Hancock to add spice to a mix that is all at once interesting and curious.  I love this kind of learning; class is now in session...

My first sampling from the buffet this week is "Il Vestito Buono."  Before I trek too deep here I must acknowledge for the sake of full disclosure that while I do not speak fluent Italian I do recognize the title as "The Good Dress" in English.  Outstanding music makes a translation barrier moot;  I am aware of good guitar, keyboards, and drums when I hear them--and even sans interpreter the vocals cut right through this song. The music has a jazz club vibe as the song opens...a little "King Crimson meets Chick Corea" pulse beats through its core.  This song emits strong emotions...I imagine that good dress has garnered someone's attention...

The next cut on the carving table is "Tutto Un Sogno (All A Dream) Part II."  The jazz/prog connection Il Rumore Bianco has cultivated leaps out of the music and holds you in a tight embrace.  Everything works together to make this song a distinct piece;  there is an abruptness that belies how smooth the song really is. The vocals are strong and bold while possessing a silk-like plushness.  If Boz Scaggs were form Verona and about 35 years younger I would swear I just discovered him...The tempo picks up as the song progresses, ebbing and flowing with a passion that lures you in until you hit a brick wall of silence when the music stops as unexpectedly as a blizzard in July.

Liner Notes...Il Rumore Bianco started in 2012 with Thomas Pessina on keyboards and vocals, Michele Zanotti on guitar and saxophone, and Alexander Danzi on bass.  Looking to build a more complex sound and take Il Rumore Bianco into the deeper recesses of prog, they added Federico Lonardi on guitar, Eddy Fiorio on vocals, and Umberto Sartori on drums.  In a relatively short time Il Rumore Bianco has developed a strong style and explicit sound.  They are able to tip their hat to the bands that inspired them while carving out a niche all their own.

Musical serving number three from the band's first release is called "Il Primo Attore (The Leading Man)." Once again Il Rumore Bianco jumps right at you from the opening note.  Flashes of horn smack you on the forehead, followed by the drums and guitar.  Vocals come at you from all sides, piercing  your ears without piercing your skull--if you know what I mean.  The tempo and time changes are impressive as the band moves through a series of moods reflective of the many sides of romance.  I may not speak Italian fluently, but I do comprehend the dapper musings of a romantic in a  $2500 silk suit.  Il Rumore Bianco has cleared new acreage on the progressive plantation.  Their sound is distinct and buoyant; they are not afraid to wade into the deep end of the pool... but they do manage to keep one hand on the safety rail.  Prog is woven throughout Il Rumore Bianco's tapestry and the resulting artwork is striking in its individuality.

The cut below is the previously reviewed "Il Vestito Buono."  Sharing new things is always the right way to go and I believe you will agree when you listen in.  Il Rumore Bianco is quirky, fun, innovative, and a good shot in the arm for the next progressive music generation.  I have heard it said many times that survival is dependent upon one's ability to anticipate, adapt, and grow with the ever-changing landscape that is the human spirit.  Il Rumore Bianco is neither an "old-style" prog band nor a one-hit-wonder...I suspect they have a few more tricks up their sleeve as they grow into their prog style.  Learn more about Il Rumore Bianco at http://www.ilrumorebianco.com/
Don't worry too much about getting lost in translation; music is a universal language...

Well fellow progheads, we have traveled many miles already in 2014 and the snow isn't even close to melting here!  Continent hopping is quickly becoming a common theme in the concert closet...luckily there are still many doors left to open.  Not sure where I will land next time but I am positive it will be worth the time spent traveling to get there...until next week...

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