Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Falling Edge "FE3"

Welcome once again to The Closet Concert Arena fellow progheads!  Punxsutawney Phil lied; winter continues its cruel grasp on the globe--at least my section of it.  No worries though; we have ways of staying warm here on the tundra, mainly by pumping some good prog through the headphones and sitting by the fire with a warm beverage...yeah, that's more like it.

Now that we're all comfortable, let's check out what the search for all things prog led us to this week; a new release from Falling Edge, "FE3."  A return visitor to the Concert Closet that releases their music independently, Falling Edge is one of those bands that is hard to pigeon hole; they tend to wander the entire prog garden gathering ideas and inspiration, creating their own unique style.

The opening cut "Where Should We Go From Here?" is a quick snippet of the adventure you are about to embark on.  The music starts off gently, leading you down a dark alley that awakens your inner fear sensors...and then the door opens to "Experience/Innocence" waiting on the other side, assuring you everything will be fine.  A soft acoustic opening leads you on a journey of self exploration.  Even with top notes of The StrawbsFalling Edge remains a band as determined to stand out among the masses as a John Petrucci guitar solo in church.  The piece continues to flow through you with delicate ease, keeping the emotional elevator on the ground floor while soothing guitar and gentle vocals reverb through your  body.

Next up is "Gone," a song that pushes away from the shore Falling Edge  has kept steadfastly close to thus far.  Don't worry--they don't take you through a metal minefield, but you will discover keyboards that splatter bright colors across the canvas and a guitar that hits you like a taser warning shot.  I sense aromatics of Hollow Moon and The Tangent wafting through the headphones as Falling Edge continues on their journey across the prog garden seeking ideas and opportunities to create their unique sound.
Liner Notes...Falling Edge hails from Chatham, Ontario and since I have reviewed them several times in the past, I will attempt to avoid redundancy and simply tell you Falling Edge is the brainchild of founder Chris Rupert.  "FE3" consists of Chris on vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards, and Rob Kovar on drums.  Many a musician has their name on the Falling Edge alumni list; Chris brings together those he feels can best contribute to the music at hand.  

Since their debut in 2004 Falling Edge has released three albums,  each an independent slice of their unique style in the prog garden. Chris continues to push and challenge himself musically with each addition to the catalog, and "FE3" is one more step in Falling Edge's journey across the prog soundscape.  

Dig a bit deeper into the making of "FE3" and find out more about Falling Edge at their website 
Falling Edge.  You will find links there to purchase all of their music as well as news about the status of album number four.  You can also follow along on Facebook and Twitter @FallingEdgeband .

Last song for review, "Seventeen," is another cut that expands the parameters of the prog garden acreage Falling Edge tends with passion.  A hard-hitting guitar intro complements Rob's drum work nicely. This is an instrumental piece pumping through the headphones with the veracity of a newly discovered oil vein deep underground, bursting forth and soaking you completely.  Let this album flow through your mind awhile and allow yourself to pick up something new each time...
For your music fix this week I chose the earlier reviewed "Gone."  Get swept up in the exuberance of brightly colored keyboards that pave the way for harder hitting guitars and drums--then hang on as Chris comes at you with vocals reminiscent of early Genesis.  This song will chase you around the room at high speed for a while, then give you a chance to catch your breath and settle in for the night...


Another walk across the calendar has ended as one more week falls into the abyss.  Falling Edge once again reminds me of the pleasure that spending time in the prog garden is; so much to choose from and so many tributaries to travel up, down, over, and through.  Complacency has no home for the prog minded here in the Concert Closet as a determination to bring something new usually leads to expanded horizons and a wider range of sound and performance.

Falling Edge is just one of the low under the radar bands doing great things here in the prog garden.  The search for all things prog has brought to light numerous bands and artists that challenge themselves with every new song, and every new entry hopes to find you waiting with anticipation...until next time...

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  1. Agree totally.... especially the comparison to The Strawbs, I've said that to Chris myself