Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Good evening one more time fellow progheads!  Many thanks for helping me make this blog such a  successful project.  In my continued search for all things prog you have been the catalyst sending me around the globe on a whirlwind tour of countries and venues cranking out the best new and classic progressive music.

Recently I have been alternating trips between the USA and Great Britain...but like I said last week, it is time to break the US/UK cycle.  So tonight the Concert Closet has turned off the GPS and jettisoned off on an alternate route...and I see the sign post up ahead reads, "Welcome to Sweden."   Since we are here, let us enjoy the prog sounds of Pocketful.

Pocketful is self-described as a "...musical landscape full of contrasts...brutality meets beauty."  This can go a lot of ways--I simply must check out this band.  I take my search for all things prog very seriously, and this is research after all...

I find an interesting aperitif to begin the buffet with, "She Won't Steal My Thoughts Tonight."  The song opens interestingly enough; I get a bit of an Alan Parsons Project meets Radiohead vibe with a bit of a Strawbs overtone.  The lyrics are layered over a symphonic-like drum and synthesizer that spills over your inner cranium like maple syrup melting warm ice cream.  The songs is soothing, yet it manages to startle a bit as you realize it is not so much a love song as it is a rebound-love song.  An intriguing start to what sounds like a fun week...

Serving number two is a tune called "Wrong."  That thoughtful, evocative tone resonates once again. Pocketful walked to the far edge of the prog garden, viewed the landscape, and continued on for another 50 yards or so.  Pocketful packs a lot of emotion into this piece; you feel yourself being pulled in so many directions...as if your heart and your head are in a battle for control of your feelings.

Liner Notes...Originating in Gothenberg, Sweden circa 2004, Pocketful is Johan Engstrom on guitars and keyboards, Jerker Rellmark  on vocals, keyboards, and trumpet, and lyricist Joakim Gralen. Pocketful has put together an impressive portfolio in a relatively short time culminating with their latest release, "Late Night Call," in 2010.  Having worked together previously helped Johan and Jerker make Pocketful the compelling band it is...and Joakim's lyric writing skills are a plus as well. Pocketful strikes an emotional chord not only with words--but also the moods brought to the surface with the music.  Pocketful seeps into your bloodstream and flows through your veins as you listen.

My third serving this week is the poignant title cut from the earlier mentioned "Late Night Call." There is a lot going on in this song, and once again Joakim's lyrics are the thread tying Jerker's and Johan's guitar and keyboard work together.  I detect definite top notes of Gentle Giant...and in a "prog coincidence" sort-of-way, I am reminded of Adrian Belew's "Phone Call From the Moon."

The clip I posted below for your listening pleasure is called "Sorry."  The opening keyboards lift you up in a Depeche Mode kinda way, with a hint of Ebn Ozn...so apparently Pocketful can run the gambit of emotions.  Pocketful has been building their professional library for almost a decade...time to check out prog's version of the Dewey Decimal System.  Learn more about Pocketful and what makes them tick at at https://www.facebook.com/pocketful.  You can also check out more of their music at https://myspace.com/pocketful.

OK fellow progheads, it's that time again...when we try to ascertain where the rest of the week went because there is no way seven days flew by that fast.  I have enjoyed this trip to Sweden--not to mention the frequent flyer miles I collected with the Concert Closet.  Pocketful fills their section of the prog garden with ambient textures, a unique groove, and emotional strength.  I do believe the garden is rich with fertile soil...until next week...  

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