Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Mute Gods "tardigrades will inherit the earth"

Welcome back as always fellow progheads to the Closet Concert Arena!  The search for all things prog takes a tangent trajectory as we delve deeper into 2017.  This week the Concert Closet uncovers a band made of superior parts that has made quite a mark in the prog garden already, yet may be lesser known to those new to the garden or simply looking for something off the beaten path.  Not being a fan of the mainstream, I continually search for the next new thing; that "I just want to sit under the headphones awhile" sound...and with that I welcome you to the latest release from The Mute Gods, "tardigrades will inherit the earth."

The Mute Gods, while originating as an outlet for Nick Beggs, is a band with not only a great sound and strong voice--they also have  a powerful message.  This is a timely album to say the least; "tardigrades will inherit the earth" hits you right in the listeners with statements, warnings, pleas, and shouts about the world and what we are doing to it.  If only my parents understood the importance of prog rock, my teen years would have contained so much less angst...

The album will be available February 24th, but the Closet Concert Arena has been given the privilege of an early listen so as to review this gem prior to release...so let us dive headlong with ears and mind wide open into what is sure to be a sumptuous prog buffet...

The album opens with a rather dark, ominous waltz; "Saltatio Mortis."  Translated from the Latin; the "Dance of Death."  Closing my eyes, I feel as though I am watching a funeral procession--perhaps for humanity?  Veiled in gloomy shadows, the music marches forth like a lion stalking its prey...guitars flow masterfully through the keyboards much like high tide creeping up the sands...and then a fade to black.  This will be an adult dose...

Moving down the buffet line I stop for a large slice of the title cut.  The song opens extremely upbeat while waxing prophetic about the inability of mankind to figure out just what the hell we're doing to this planet we call home...the juxtaposition of complete opposites seems to be the hallmark of this album.  It is brilliant in that it mirrors reality; how happy we seem to be while walking headlong into our own destruction. The drums lift the keyboards and guitars masterfully, sending them cascading into your cranium like autos bouncing off guardrails on the interstate after hitting black ice.

Liner Notes...The Mute Gods, albeit conceived in the mind of Nick Beggs, is quite the power trio. Consisting not only of the aforementioned Mr. Beggs on bass, stick, guitars, keyboards, vocals, and programming; the Mute Gods has Roger King on guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, programming and production, and Marco Minneman on drums, percussion, guitars, and sound design. Three musicians, many hats, and a tremendously unique sound.  The prog garden just expanded its boundaries...

The Mute Gods released their debut, "do nothing till you hear from me" in January 2016, and this second release will makes it mark on the prog music world this week.  An exceptionally strong follow up, "tardigrades" delivers all you would expect from a prog band with such a range of talent. Exceptional song writing that fills the cranium with thought provoking and powerful imagery...of course the guitar, percussion, and keyboard work that expand the outer boundaries of the prog garden are no surprise and actually a satisfying carpet ride in the search for all things prog.

My final selection from this high protein/high calorie prog feast is a fast hitting poke-in-the-eye called "The Dumbing of the Stupid."  A sobering message wrapped in a Marco Minneman hard shell of percussion and drums that pours forth a foundation allowing for guitar work that will unhinge your ears from the inside...a penetrating piece that screams "WAKE UP!" while not-so-gently smacking you in the face.  Nick drives home a point while trying to convince you he is on your side in this insanity.

The Mute Gods are an exciting addition to the prog garden, bringing  an explosive urgency much like being handed a gift wrapped in pastel paper that is ticking.  There is a Porcupine Tree meets Liquid Tension Experiment feel throughout...the tempo and mood consistently red line while at the same time urging you to pause and think.  Find out more about The Mute Gods and purchase their music at TheMuteGods. You can follow the band on Facebook at MuteGods FB and of course
Twitter @themutegods.  For those so inclined, check out The Mute Gods' record label, Inside Out Music, at InsideOutMusic.  You can purchase The Mute Gods and other prog music there.

To whet your appetite and  encourage foot traffic in the prog garden, I offer the video clip below called "We Can't Carry On."  Once again The Mute Gods pour thought and insight into your cerebellum via the auditory canals in an effort to do more than simply entertain...they educate through music...prog music...


Another evening well spent in the prog garden fellow progheads; I hope you enjoyed the review and the music.  Yet another sign that the prog garden offers more than just great music to the masses; The Mute Gods force you to think while they infiltrate your mind via the headphones.  The search for all things prog digs deeper through every section of the prog garden, looking to unearth nuggets previously unknown or overlooked.  The Mute Gods may use a sledgehammer to hang a Picasso, but they also force you to turn your head and listen--and that is the point after all...until next week...


  1. Mine should be here soon. When the first album came out Nick hinted that they wouldn't think about touring until they had enough original material, a couple of albums worth. We'll see.

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