Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Will Geraldo "Even A Blind Fool Can See"

Warm weather greetings fellow progheads!  My sweaty fingers are sticking to the laptop keys; summer's just about here!  The heat brings out some interesting growth in the prog garden and thus far the blooms are many and varied.  This week the Closet Concert pays a visit to my friend Will Geraldo.  Those of you with a good memory may remember Will was featured in an interview last July discussing his many styles, bands, and influences in the prog garden.  Will has recently released a new EP, "Even A Blind Fool Can See" on the Progressive Gears label.

I have not taken the search for all things prog to Brazil in a while...and the time seems right to make that journey now.  Will wears many hats and has his hands in multiple prog bands; Violent Attitude If Noticed, The Opposite Of Hate, and Death By Visitation of God.  He also has other solo work, but for the next fortnight I am focusing my listening skills on Will's newest release.  "Even A Blind Fool Can See" is a two-song EP so me thinks I will be hitting replay quite a bit...

The title track is the lead-in and a dark, somewhat sultry mood begins to seep through the headphones.  I have been listening to the many sides of Will Geraldo for some time, and I can feel the emotions dripping like honey on a hot biscuit...rolling down the sides and pooling, allowing you to savor the moment a bit longer.    The opening piano, while menacing, seems to be a warning to us all about the danger of turning a blind eye.  The pulsing bass that hits like a determined heartbeat echoes through your head like a deafening silence.  The guitar hits you so delicately you almost miss it...like the warm breeze and bright sunshine that follow a summer tornado...your focus is elsewhere, but you can't help but notice the surroundings.

If there is a message flowing through this song--and I believe there is--it is one of determined triumph rather than aimless hope.  People can no longer sit back and wish for things to turn out right; there is too much at stake.  Will seems to be hitting us over the head with the obvious; step into the arena and be an active part of the solution.  

Following this piece with a cover of Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain" is about as subtle as a twelve car pile-up on the interstate.  Cover songs have long been a conundrum to me; is the artist paying homage to the original, a la Deep Purple with "Kentucky Woman," or is he/she re-inventing the song and thereby owning it as the Talking Heads did with "Take Me To The River."?  With this production Will walks that fine line as he seems to pay homage to Peter's forceful call to action while at the same time bringing a re-invigorated sense of urgency with his cutting vocals and not-so-subtle percussion work.

Liner Notes...Will Geraldo hails from Brazil and is the arranger, composer, producer, and performer on this EP.  Will told me music is his lifeline and he stays constantly involved, trying  in some way to bring his passion to the listener.  That being the case, "Even A Blind Fool Can See" is Will's current soapbox and he has placed it in the middle of the road and refuses to move aside.

There is so much energy leaping from this EP...so many raw nerves Will has exposed with the intention of forcing you to look and react.  This release is a reflection of the world today; vitriol, anger, fear, and frustration on both sides of what has become an almost unbearable argument--and the time is now to bring it to an end.  No matter your feelings one way or the other, basic human decency has been ripped from the norms of society and replaced with threats and violence.  Will has drawn a line in the sand and said enough!  Talk and compassion must replace intolerance and fisticuffs.

With this release Will Geraldo brings a relevance and accountability to the prog garden the way U2 did with their music in the 80's and 90's.  We can--no; we must choose a side and take a stand. Music has been a catalyst for change since I can remember, and the torch is being handed to the next generation. Much the way Buffalo Springfield took it to the streets in 1966 with "For What It's Worth," so too has Will Geraldo called upon the people to put aside the rhetoric and be the change this world needs.

Alas fellow progheads, no clip this week...a two-song EP with this much fervor needs to be purchased!  You can do exactly that and learn more about Will and all the artists on the Progressive Gears label at Progressive Gears Records and the Bandcamp website Will Geraldo BC.  Will can also be found on Facebook Will Geraldo FB and Twitter @Willgeraldo.

Another fortnight come and gone and the prog garden continues to flourish.  The search for all things prog has taken me many places, introduced me to many bands and artists, and has been an absolute thrill these past few years.  To hear the message Will Geraldo is sending through his music is just one more reason to sit back and soak in all the prog garden has to offer.  As I take the Closet Concert Arena on a new journey in the search for all things prog I ask you to listen to the message, purchase the EP, and get involved...until next time...

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