Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Violent Attitude If Noticed, "Ourselves and Otherwise"

Once again hello and a heartfelt thanks for returning to The Closet Concert Arena fellow progheads! The dog days are here and the prog garden is definitely heating up.  This week the search for all things prog takes a look at the newest release from Violent Attitude If Noticed, one of several prog projects led Will Geraldo and Progressive Gears.  You may remember our visit with Will last summer as he discussed his many ventures, bands, and music projects.

Setting the GPS for Brazil and this week's journey is underway.  Violent Attitude If Noticed, or V.A.I.N. for the acronym-friendly crowd, cuts a fairly wide swath as they roam the prog garden;
post prog/art/post punk according to Will...time to put on the headphones...

The new album, recently released on the Progressive Gears label, is called "Ourselves and Otherwise."  If the intention was to stir the proverbial pot; mission accomplished.  The first cut teed up is "Time Waster."  The opening bass line hits like a soft hammer as it walks you into a percussion outburst; top notes of Joy Division and a hint of Style Council make this an interesting spin around the turntable.  The tempo picks up as vocals move in riding on some smooth guitar work and an undercurrent of drum work that is strong enough to carry the music along. V.A.I.N. stalks the prog garden in search of ideas, thoughts, and impulses that can be taken individually and melded into a melange unique unto itself.  Will and his bandmates tap on the inside of your skull in an attempt to wake you from your doldrums, not wanting the world to pass you by.

The second song pulsing through the headphones is "The Tower."  A more acoustic feel moves in as the the song wraps itself around you...slowly getting your attention as it holds on tighter and tighter.  V.A.I.N. continue their trek through your mind, trying to hit the nerve that will jolt you upright, no longer able to remain a mere spectator.  There are hints of Camel and slight aromatics of Marillion seeping into your consciousness...

Liner Notes...Violent Attitude If Noticed is Will Geraldo, Guilherme Saba, and Alessandro Queler.
Three musicians who collectively produce some of the more extremely ornate, multi-layered, conceptually thought provoking stuff to emerge from the prog garden.  They fill the canvas with more than just blasts of color; the images that emerge sting you like a low tide jellyfish.  Looking back at my interview with Will, V.A.I.N. likes to "get their hands dirty" as they dig deep into the rich prog garden soil, unearthing--and talking about--all the things that hide in plain sight.  Violent Attitude If Noticed started on a journey in 2008 and their mission is not yet complete...of course that means great prog will continue to flow from Brazil so it ain't such a bad thing...

Get involved in the movement and unearth more V.A.I.N gems at V.A.I.N. and V.A.I.N. BandCamp.
You will find Violent Attitude If Noticed along with other prog artists under the Progressive Gears umbrella at Progressive Gears.  V.A.I.N. also has a Facebook page at V.A.I.N. Facebook.

Violent Attitude If Noticed claws into your conscious thought in an attempt to push you into
action--something the world could use more of in case you have been asleep at the switch these past several months...the planet is like a snake shedding its skin and people are either watching in awe and bewilderment or gearing up for the next phase.  Will, Guilherme, and Alessandro chose the latter and believe the best way to build a revolution is to start one...and this is their benchmark.

One more slice of the vinyl for review; "Ever-Ticking Clock."  Top notes of Dream Theater from "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" lash out immediately; tension builds from the first note.  The guitars work with the drums to create an atmosphere of pressure and anxiety...you're waiting for the unseen blow from the blind side as vocals rain down like a siren song of impending tragedy.  V.A.I.N. slices deep--not only this song, but the entire album.  It is one thing to paint with dark colors, but to use those sinister hues as a backdrop to a more elaborate story is as refreshing as it is explosive.

Take a moment to explore Violent Attitude If Noticed (if you haven't already) and I feel confident you will come away with a new appreciation for this prog trio.  You can start with the post below; "Useless."  Don't take the light drum opening lightly; it leads down a path littered with misconceptions and misplaced intentions...what is it they say about the road to perdition?  V.A.I.N. continues to poke insincerity and hollow concern in the eye...if you aren't part of the solution then you ARE the problem.


Start the music machine, sit back, and feel your pulse begin to race.  Violent Attitude If Noticed is prog  making a statement; stand up and be accountable...get involved...if you ain't pissed you ain't awake...there really is a mood for everyone.  Hopefully I have not led you to feel V.A.I.N. is just a rant against humanity and all that is sensible--because they are so much more than that.  The beauty of this section of the prog garden is the emotions that bore deep and the sense of outrage in regard to everything that runs counter to decency and the good side of mankind...Violent Attitude If Noticed really does care.

And once again fellow progheads The Closet Concert Arena cues up traveling music as the search for all things prog forges ahead.  V.A.I.N. is just the top layer to some very rich, fertile soil...the prog garden is filled with bands and artists just bursting with energy and desire, I simply try to give them a soap box to preach from...until next time...

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