Friday, September 15, 2017

Aaron Clift Experiment "If All Goes Wrong" Indiegogo Campaign

Hello fellow progheads and welcome back to The Closet Concert Arena!  In case you are scratching your head with a confused look in your is not Tuesday and yes--this is a new post coming from the Concert Closet.

The Aaron Clift Experiment is set to go into the studio to work on their third album "If All Goes Wrong."  The album promises to be as diverse as the prog garden; tracks ranging from intricate prog epics to crushing hard rock and delicate ballads...

If I may be so bold as to offer some first-hand personal experience with The Aaron Clift Experiment, let me simply say that this is a band that walks the width and breadth of the prog garden.  Their first two albums were extremely well done and offered the listener quite a prog experience.  I first discovered The Aaron Clift Experiment back in 2014, and was fortunate to interview Aaron in 2015 following the release of the band's second album, "Outer Light Inner Darkness."  Aaron is dedicated to his craft and his band is both a credit and testament to that end.

The Aaron Clift Experiment released their debut "Lonely Hills" in 2012, and followed up in 2015 with their second album.  Both were well received in the prog world, with rave reviews here in the Closet Concert Arena as well Progression Magazine and  Progradar.  Prog Magazine nominated the band for a a prog award in the Limelight category in 2016 and  for the Indie Prog Award by Friday Night Progressive.

The Aaron Clift Experiment hails from Austin, Texas and is deeply entrenched in the local prog music scene.  They are running an Indiegogo campaign from today September 15th through October 27th, 2017.  You can contribute to the campaign at  There are some fantastic rewards being offered by the band for contributing and helping make "If All Goes Wrong" a reality.

You can also connect with the Aaron Clift Experiment on their website,  Facebook ACE Facebook, Twitter @AaronCliftMusic and Instagram aaroncliftmusic.  The band also has a YouTube Channel ACE Youtube.  Lots of options, lots of great prog.  I simply ask you to check the band out for yourself and if you believe great prog needs to be kept alive, and the next generation is honoring the standard bearers that forged this genre, then please make a contribution.

I post the clip below to allow Aaron Clift Experiment to explain personally about their campaign to make "If All Goes Wrong."

So fellow progheads, the gauntlet is dropped, the challenge made, the request genuine...please help keep the prog garden flourishing.  The Aaron Clift Experiment is offering great rewards for your contributions, including album download, signed CD's, a signed bass, music lessons, and more.

In keeping with tradition, the search for all things prog continues on...and The Aaron Clift Experiment Indiegogo campaign is but one example of the plethora of talent coming from the prog garden today.  I know the prog faithful will step up, and the search for all things prog will continue the journey...until next time...

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