Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Flies Are Spies From Hell

Greetings from the Concert Closet fellow progheads!  Having taken off from Verona, Italy after an incredible week with LogoS, I felt the need to go cerebral once again...this time with a dark ambient/metal twist.  Of course, most mood swings tend to lock my GPS on a course for the UK...so no big surprise that the Concert Closet is heading back to the land of castles and royalty as the search for all things prog moves head-long toward a seven day session with Flies Are Spies From Hell.

Flies Are Spies From Hell views the world from a distinct and unique...let's say atypical perspective; they refer to their sound as "...brooding and uplifting piano-led instrumental post-rock..."  A very different bio from what comes off as a very different band.  Being the inquisitive sort that I am, a glimpse behind this curtain is a must.  Taking  a few cautionary steps at first, I venture to the buffet for a first course of "Underdog Underfoot."  The initial keyboard hit lands like that first scotch on a cold Saturday night--burning a hole right through your innards.  Flies Are Spies brews a concoction with strong aromas of Opeth and Fire Garden blended with top notes of Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep, and early Jethro Tull.  The mood is extremely somber and brooding; you can feel the emotion like hot embers melting through the backside of your ears--the parts not usually exposed to the sun.

Going back for more, I find an interesting morsel being served called "Glass Light Shatters."  Once again the brooding/uplifting piano sweeps across the landscape, filling your mind with terrestrial images...think Pegasus galloping majestically through the stars.  Flies Are Spies has a way of captivating the listener with the ivories--but listen closely as drums and guitars fill out a sound that envelopes you in a web spun from dark silk.

Liner Notes...Flies Are Spies From Hell believe in keeping things simple and vague...the band consists of Chris and Will on guitar, George on bass, Fred on keyboards, and Watty on drums.   Flies Are Spies originally formed in 2004 and at one time had  a vocalist--those recordings would be fascinating to listen to.  Flies Are Spies hail from London/Southeast England and seem to prefer keeping  a low profile--letting the music speak not only for itself, but also for the band.  It is not often I stumble across a band whose first impression is that of aloofness and a light-hearted approach to the universe, yet are serious and just so damn good when performing.

Tasty tidbit number three from the buffet is a song called "Nerves Still Beating."  The music creeps into your head slowly and unassuming, much like a stranger happening upon a body outside a bar at 3am.  But then everything changes--the mood, the tempo, the colors on the palette--everything.  A sudden burst of energy punches its way through, intermittently forced to pause while a nervous tranquility invades the inner space of normalcy.  Flies Are Spies are masters at multi-tasking; they walk/run/scream/whisper all the while knowing they are simply toying with your emotions.  I detect an ever-so-slight flavor of Flim and the BB's if they were dark and brooding as well as mysterious. Learn more about Flies Are Spies From Hell at http://www.fliesarespiesfromhell.co.uk/.  You can download and purchase their music at http://fliesarespiesfromhell.bandcamp.com/music.  Don't forget to follow them on Twitter, @Fliesarespies and of course the ever popular Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FliesAreSpies?fref=ts.  Me?  I plan on listening to Flies Are Spies From Hell long past this seven day sojourn...

The clip posted below is called "Hammer Without Hand."  I chose this piece because in the realm Flies Are Spies travels, this is a toe-tapper.  They come at you with everything they have deliberately and methodically...almost as if daring you to guess their next move.  Flies Are Spies occupy acreage in a section of the prog garden reserved for the intentional thinker...and it sits right next to a deep reflecting pool...

That wraps up another entry in my search for all things prog--and what a week it was!  Flies Are Spies From Hell reminded me (once again) to never assume I have heard all that prog has to offer. The lens through which Flies Are Spies views the prog garden may be tinted a dark hue--but it is far from gray and foreboding.  The most opportune time to expand your prog horizons is the exact moment you start believing the glass not half full--it's spilling over.  There is always room for another perspective, and I hope I never lose the yearn to discover it.

And just to make sure I keep that zest alive, it is time to pack up the plantation and take the Concert Closet on another deep search for all things prog...until next week...


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