Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Warm mid-May, post-Mother's Day greetings fellow progheads!  Enjoyed our time in Latvia; Theatrum pushed the needle closer to red than it had been for a while.  Keeping the heart rate up and the tempo on high, let us venture down another tangent path in the search for all things prog. Looking for a sound that is robust and energetic, I put the Concert Closet on course for a rendezvous in Italy, a place I have not visited for a while.  With calendar, head, and auditory canals cleared, I am eager to spend the proceeding seven days wrapped in the ornate sounds of LogoS.

Originally formed in 1996, LogoS refers to themselves as "...an Italian progressive rock band." Always one to appreciate the simplicity of straightforwardness, I relish the opportunity to once again spend quality time in "The Boot" savoring robust Italian Prog cuisine--so let's not waste time.  My first portion from the prog feast is a captivating piece called, "L'enigma Della Vita."  The song opens as if being tuned in from the past...the radio static leading the listener through time capsules bursting with snippets of guitars, drums, and keyboards.  Each blast has its own mood and emotion, washing over your ears like waves on a rocky shore.  Seems like my trip to Italy is turning into "un favoloso sette giorni."

That was a full plate--but there is always room for more when it's this good...serving number two is an elaborate tune called "In Fuga."  Coming out of a somber, mellow opening, strong keyboards bully their way through some fine guitar work.  The song is high energy and runs laps around the inside of your mind as if searching for a safe haven.  The high intensity is akin to a street chase where you aren't sure who the good guys are--you just know you gotta run.  The mood swells as you feel yourself being drawn deeper into the maelstrom.  Brimming with top notes of Transatlantic, The Alan Parsons Project, and a splash of Rick Wakeman's extravagant keyboards, LogoS is a superb blend of new and classic prog.

Liner Notes...LogoS hails from Verona, Italy and is currently comprised of Fabio Gaspari on bass and vocals, Luca Zerman on keyboards, organ, and vocals, Claudio Antolini on piano, keyboards, and synthesizers,  and Alessandro Perbellini on drums.  As stated previously, LogoS came together in 1996, starting their quest as a progressive rock cover band.  Styling themselves after some of the leaders of the genre--namely King Crimson, Genesis, and Jethro Tull, LogoS began to realize the strength of their own music...and thus began an almost twenty year journey of discovery.  Critical praise, a growing fan base, and sheer determination led LogoS down a path in the prog garden that proved quite fruitful. Planting seed in the operatic,  metal, dark, and cerebral sections of the garden, LogoS have proven themselves to be quite adept at change and adaptation.

My final take-away from the prog buffet this week is an understated song called "In Principio."  LogoS has an uncanny ability to perform a flamboyant piece without too much fanfare and bling while giving the listener a full-blown majestic serving of absolute beauty.  The soft guitars and velvet-like keyboards are brightened with drumming that sits just below the surface so as not to step on vocals that walk across your head in satin slippers...this song is as soft as down and silky-smooth as the caramel center of your favorite chocolate...wrap yourself in it and melt away...

The clip below is a majestic piece called "Pioggia in Campagna."  Listen as the keyboards take you on a trek through darkness into light.  LogoS lives in the Rod Serling section of the prog garden; maximizing sight, sound, and mind.  The performance is seamless as everything blends together, resulting in a piece of music that pierces the prog veil without so much as a whisper...it just continues on toward a finish designed to make you wonder where the previous ten-plus minutes went.
Learn more about LogoS at http://www.logosprog.it/index.html.  You can also follow them on Twitter, @logosprogband and of course Facebook https://www.facebook.com/logosprog

One more week, one more prog stone overturned...and one more prog band exposed to the light. Spending the week in Verona with LogoS has broadened my appreciation for the theatrical side of progressive rock.  Listening to LogoS, I cannot help but wonder with youthful innocence what fun it would be to hear Brian Eno play just one set with these guys...No Pussyfooting indeed.  LogoS can be over-the-top, blindingly bright, sullenly dark, and splendidly complex...isn't that the beauty of prog?  The ability to think outside the box, play outside the norm, and push the boundaries outside the possible.

As the days begin to grow noticeably longer, I continue my search for all things prog, looking to find yet another unrealized gem in the rich soil of the prog garden...until next week...


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